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Beginners' Shabbat Connection

Saturday @ 6:45pm

Event Date: 
Saturday, May 13, 2017 - 6:45pm

The Kabbalah Bookstore Chicago,
3036 N. Ashland Avenue,
Chicago, IL, 60657, us

Price: $35 dinner | $30 lunch Connections Free

Kabbalists believe that Shabbat, 25 hours starting each Friday after sundown, is a day when the spiritual and physical worlds are united, making it the most spiritually powerful day of the week. On this day, the Light force flows continually, giving us the opportunity to refuel our energy and rejuvenate the soul for the coming week. Shabbat is about making a connection with the Light and involves spiritual work such as prayer, mediation and setting your intention. This Beginner’s Shabbat will clearly and concisely explain how to make that connection and allow us to experience this unique energy.

Shabbat – Open doors @ 6:45pm
Opening lecture @ 7pm
Evening Connection @ 7:15pm
Dinner @ 8:30pm

Lecture followed by Torah reading @ 11am
Lunch and 3rd meal connection @ 1:30pm

Note: Meal registration deadline is Thursday May 11th @ 6pmCT (4pmPT)

Shabbat Connection Free

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