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Mondays @ 7pm
September 11, 2017 to October 30, 2017
AT The Kabbalah Bookstore Chicago
PRICE: $120
Kabbalah 1 taught you that life does not happen to us, we create our own reality. We are the cause; we never become the effect. Spirituality means that we are in control of our own reality.In... read more
Mondays @ 8:30pm | 10 Weeks
September 11, 2017 to November 13, 2017
AT The Kabbalah Bookstore Chicago
PRICE: $15 per class or 10 classes $100
Kabbalists explain that the 10 Sefirot (dimensions) of life are depicted in a system referred to as The Tree of Life. Climbing each limb on this tree is a process of shedding our ego while elevating... read more
Our next Kabbalah Hour session is tomorrow at 7pmPT. Here are some highlights from last week's class... We would... https://t.co/2UmfbRryIU 2 weeks 6 days ago